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Do you suffer from GERD too? Share with us your opinion in the Comments!


Hello everyone, I’d like to talk about my journey with acid reflux, GERD, gastritis, and hiatal hernia. It all started when I was 21-22 years old, I began to get a bad burning sensation in my stomach. At first, the pain was bearable, I thought it was the stress causing the pain but with time I knew something else was going on. I think maybe two years later I began to get the burning sensation in my stomach more often, every day I was in pain so I went to my PCP doctor for a checkup. He diagnosed me with acid reflux, told me to change my diet and gave me omeprazole.

For a few months, the medication helped me get through the day of burning pain. At 25 my acid reflux had gotten out of control. No matter what I ate or drank my stomach was on fire. It began to go up my throat. Upon waking up in the morning I could taste the stomach acid in my mouth! All my PCP could do is increasing the dose of my medicine.

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At 26 I got tired of how my PCP was treating my condition, so I went and ask for a referral to a Gastroenterologist and my PCP refused to say he was treating me. So I went for a second opinion, I went to a urgent care and voiced my concerns and treatment. They agreed that this has become a major problem as I was vomiting stomach acid daily, couldn’t eat, barely felt hungry and was losing weight constantly. They sent me to a GI doctor, when I arrived for my first appointment I felt that I was finally going to get some answers.

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He scheduled an endoscopy and colonoscopy, when the results came in I found out that I had H.polyri bacteria in my stomach that has caused 6 ulcers. That’s why I was in so much pain, I have been prescribed very high dose-intensive antibiotics for 2 weeks. 5 in the day and 5 at night every day for 2 weeks. Finally, some answers and hope that I will feel better.

After a month, I went back for a checkup and found that the ulcers were starting to heal, I was also prescribed two acid reflux medication, and was told to keep following up if further issues come, Well a few months later, the pain and burning sensation were back and even worse than before, There were days I couldn’t get out of bed from the burning pain, Stomach, chest, and throat all burned. At this time my asthma had begun to get really bad, couldn’t breathe and had shortness of breath. Called my GI only to get from the nurses that I was seen just 3 months prior and I shouldn’t need to come back in. So I called around for a new GI. Here I am 26 and in worse shape than ever, So many fruits, veggies and food I couldn’t eat because of the pain.

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I went to my new GI in hope of getting better relief for what I was experiencing. Right away he wanted an endoscopy and colonoscopy, Once again they found 5 ulcers and that the lining of my stomach was deteriorating. That’s when I was diagnosed with GERD and gastritis, I was put on even higher doses of protein inhibitor medicine. I never felt relief, no medicine could stop the burning sensation and I began to feel so hopeless that this is what I have to live with. Years of weight loss, pain, bloating, belching, not eating out with friends or family, not leaving home and losing friends and family because they think that your condition isn’t that bad, but they were so wrong. In the past years, I’ve had over 20 endoscopies and colonoscopies. After 7 years of acid reflux, GERD and gastritis, I had my regular endoscopy scheduled a bit sooner than usual because I was feeling a bad pressure and bloating pain in my stomach. I was shocked to find out that my stomach had moved up into my diaphragm, it’s called a “hiatial hernia”.

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So he finally recommended that I should have a procedure to try and stop my acid reflux. My problem was that the sphincter in my esophagus wasn’t closing, so all the acid from my stomach would come up while bending over, laying down and trying to eat. He recommended that I should have a hiatal hernia repair with a fundoplication surgery, to repair and fix my stomach hernia and close the sphincter so acid stops coming up. He sent me to a surgeon who had experience in robotic surgeries. It took over five hours operation as the surgeon couldn’t believe how swollen I was inside and how my stomach could fit up into my diaphragm being so swollen. They made 5 small incisions, one by my liver, one by my sternum, one by my belly button, and two others in my abdomen. The surgery sucked, I was so swollen from the robotic arms moving around in my body, was put on a liquid diet due to the stomach wrap they did and had so much air buildup.

shutterstock_317156861After the surgery, I no longer can burp or vomit which has been difficult getting the air out my body. So I still experience bloating a lot, the liquid diet lasted 4 months. Only because I had difficulties swallowing, so liquid diet was necessary. No more acid reflux for me, so far after a year I am no longer dealing with stomach acid or burning but do still have trouble swallowing from time to time. I had a knot under my rib that causes pain time to time but no one seems concerned about it. The scars are still noticeable but it doesn’t bother me. I’m now 30, feeling much better and will have a year checkup tomorrow. Don’t give up on your health issues or concerns. If one doctor doesn’t listen find another one, if that one is the same find another. We are advocates of our own body and we know when something isn’t right and Keep pushing getting better care!

Do you suffer from GERD too? Share with us your opinion in the Comments!

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